Facebook Continues to Dominate Social Media Market

Facebook Releases Second Quarter Earnings Report

Facebook released its Q2 earnings report Wednesday, highlighting their continued rise to t[...]


Instagram Launches Business Tools for Brands

Instagram Launches Business Tools

The social media platform has launched a collection of business tools to help brands take [...]


The Role of Social Media in Mobile Commerce is Growing, But Millennials Still Aren’t Buying

Millennials Are Still Not Using Social Media to Buy Products

The role of social media in mobile commerce is growing, but not thanks to millennials Soci[...]

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Snapchat Redesigns Their App To Boost Ad Revenue

Snapchat Redesigns "Discover" Feature in App

Snapchat is redesigning their mobile app, interspersing Discover channels with Live storie[...]


How to Succeed With Facebook Live

The Best Tips to Succeed With Facebook Live

Facebook’s new live video tool is a great way to connect with a brand’s audien[...]

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Twitter Makes New Changes To Mobile App

Twitter Makes More Changes To Its App

In an effort to stay current and on-top of the mobile market, Twitter has updated the func[...]


Snapchat To Expand Office Space By Leasing Out Part of the Santa Monica Airport

Snapchat Leases Office Space in the Santa Monica Airport

Snapchat’s expansion out of Venice Beach is said to include 8 hangers in the Santa[...]


Instagram Gets a New, Modern Look

Instagram Gets an Updated Look

The popular photo and video-sharing app released its brand-new makeover today, featuring a[...]


Facebook Expands Its Dynamic Ad Targeting to Instagram

Facebook Introduces Dynamic Ads to Instagram

Dynamic ad targeting, which Facebook launched on its home site a little over a year ago, m[...]


Periscope Now Automatically Saves Broadcasts Permanently

Periscope Introduces Auto-Saving Feature for Broadcasts

The live-streaming app made major changes after announcing broadcasts will be saved by def[...]


Instagram Introduces “Video Carousels”, Utilizing Video Ad Space On the App

Instagram Launches Video Carousels

Instagram’s newest advertising features crams multiple videos into one post, calling[...]


The Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Social Media Companies and Content Creators

Video is Uniting Social Media Companies and Content Creators

As live video continues to dominate social media conversations, content creators and socia[...]


Facebook Announces First Quarter Earnings and Exceeds Expectations

Facebook's Q1 Earnings Have Crushed Expectations

Facebook’s stock soared after reporting its Q1 earnings In its first quarter earning[...]


Facebook Messenger Now Allows Multiple Voice Calls

Facebook Rolls Out Voice Calls in Messenger App

Facebook will be rolling out the new feature today that allows Messenger users to hold gro[...]


Two Misconceptions About Snapchat, Explained

Snapchat VP of content Clarifies Misconceptions About the App

As Snapchat becomes increasingly popular, VP of content Nick Bell clears up two key miscon[...]


The Process of Searching For a Job in 2016 May Take on A Different Look

How To Apply For A Job In 2016

2016 job hunting will mean applying over social media, breaking down location barriers, a[...]

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