Aspen Skiing Company Vice President of Sustainability Auden Schendler

Aspen Skiing Company Vice President of Sustainability Auden Schendler

What does Earth Day mean to you?  

I don’t see Earth Day as one day, I think it ought to be every day. Scientists tell us a stable atmosphere has 350 parts per million of CO2. Right now we’re at 394.  Every single person with a job in the $66B winter sports community should be riveted and galvanized by that fact. So let’s get on it. Not one day a year, but every single day. And we can use April 22 to supercharge that effort.

Are you and your company doing anything around this year’s Earth Day? 

We’re focusing our work on an event shortly after Earth Day, on May 5th. We’re partnering with, Protect Our Winters, and a dozen other groups to host a massive event at the base of Aspen Mountain—with speakers, music, beer, education, a new film on disappearing ice, and a snowless ski race—to draw attention to the need for action on climate

What environmentally-focused goals has your business achieved since last Earth Day?

We’re well on our way to completing a clean energy project that will provide as much electricity as our entire resort uses. We cut electricity use 3.5% this year. We cut natural gas use over 10%. We’ve engaged ski industry trade groups in a conversation about the need for aggressive climate lobbying; and we’re having conversations with our local chamber of commerce urging them to drop out from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the leading funder of climate denial in the US.