The 2010 BIG PHOTO BOOK is a must-have for any surf enthusiast. The issue hits newsstands May 18, and will remain on the racks until September.

On May 18, TransWorld Surf will release its largest issue ever, the 2010 BIG PHOTO BOOK.  The special edition magazine is packed with the world renowned surf photography, TransWorld Surf’s top 10 revolutionary surf photos, and pages of perfect barrels.

Here’s the skinny on TW Surf’s thickest mag:

April 23, 2010 – Carlsbad, CA – TransWorld SURF is elevating the surf world with its largest-ever issue!  This year’s inaugural BIG PHOTO BOOK Special Edition Issue will not only be featuring the world’s best surf photography, but alluring every surf enthusiast’s eyes toward its pages.

“In every issue, TransWorld SURF presents the world’s best surf photography,” said Editor-in-Chief Chris Coté, “but in our inaugural 2010 BIG PHOTO BOOK, we’re opening the vault and unloading photographic gold onto the biggest canvas we’ve ever created.”

Beyond enhancing this issue’s size, TransWorld SURF has scoured through its past twelve volumes in order to choose ten of the most amazing, revolutionary photos to celebrate and grace these larger pages.  The feature “The Ten Best Surf Photos In The History Of TransWorld SURF” shows how deeply the magazine has already driven itself into the annals of surf photography history.  “Picking the best surf photos we’ve ever run was a daunting task,” said Coté. “It’s hard not to swell with pride when we look back at a collection of surf photos that solidified our spot as the magazine to look to for groundbreaking surf photography.”

In an era where most assume print is dying out, TransWorld SURF continues to captivate its audience, increasing its subscriber base, and moving ahead in the surf world by getting bolder to “go bigger.”

TransWorld SURF’s July 2010 BIG PHOTO BOOK Issue is scheduled to hit shelves on May 18, 2010, and will remain on the newsstands for four months!  With its girth and substance, those vying for this year’s best coffee table adornment have now found what they are looking for.  You can subscribe to TransWorld SURF at www.transworldsurf.com.

About TransWorld SURF:
Since its inception in 1999, TransWorld SURF has become the embodiment of youth, progression, and innovation.  Through its print and online properties, TransWorld SURF is the fastest growing surf media company in the industry.  Found online at www.transworldsurf.com.

TransWorld SURF is based in Carlsbad, California, and published by TransWorld Media, the world’s leading action-sports media company. TransWorld is a division of Bonnier Corporation.

Bonnier Corporation (www.bonniercorp.com) is one of the largest consumer-publishing groups in America and the leading media company serving passionate, highly engaged audiences through more than 40 special-interest magazines and related multimedia projects and events.

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