The Brothers Return to the Industry With an Encapsulating New Film About Hand-crafted Wooden Boards and Epic Riding. Here’s the release:

The Huffman brothers, in partnership with TransWorld SNOWboarding are proud to announce the airing of SNOW CRAFT in a three-part web series. The second episode entitled Design Heritage premieres on today, November 8th, 2012, and episode three, New Beginnings, drops on November 15th, 2012.

A unique blend of cultural journalism and action sports, SNOWCRAFT is a journey from the hills of Vermont to the peaks of Niseko and Tenjin, Japan— in search of the personalities and powder that inspire today’s top craft snowboard brands. Join pro-snowboarders Mads Jonsson, Mark Carter and Dave Short as they meet iconic board makers and ride record-breaking storms on PowderJet, GentemStick and TJ Brand decks.

Choosing to take a different approach than the standard action sports format, the Huffman brothers had their fair share of complications bringing the story to life, but the outcome was well worth the challenges.

“It was difficult to find the narrative in the film,” says Lukas Huffman. “We went over to Japan to ‘discover’ the design ethos that each snowboard shaper lived by. In the process we learned why these individuals have chosen to make the boards they do. But, then the issue was, how do we take this information and shape it into an interesting dramatic form? We wanted this to not just be a snowboard film with action sequences that are punctuated by random pieces of information.”

In the end the simplest solution was the best— the brothers decided to structure the web series around their own journey. The audience is invited along for the ride, and in the process meets the unique personalities of the snowboard shapers that are out there from Vermont to Japan. Soulful shred action from local riders and the pros on the trip, along with scenes that celebrate traveling to meet new people, landscapes and cultures, drives the series forward.

View Episode One: Local Innovation, and now live, Episode Two: Design Heritage. Stay tuned for more news, interviews and updates on this unique project.