Pro Lite International has signed big wave specialist Kohl Christensen to its roster of surf athletes. Kohl spends much of his time tracking and surfing giant swells around the globe. He is a well respected waterman who currently resides on his off the grid farm on the North Shore of Oahu, and working on various projects with Patagonia. Kohl will be working closely with Pro Lite on creating a series of big wave specific product, based off of his own ideas and experiences in large surf.

A fixture in the Eddie Aikau big wave event since 2008, Kohl has earned a reputation in big wave circles as a key figure in the paddle-in big wave revival. “Kohl really brings a unique perspective to design that very few of us can speak to…” said Pro Lite’s VP Micah Bundy “in the conditions in which Kohl puts himself, your equipment is the difference between life and death, and the fact that Kohl has chosen to work with Pro Lite really speaks volumes to us and our product. And that is something we do not take lightly”.

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