Oakley Hosts Disruptive By Design Launch Event at Red Studios in Los Angeles

Additional reporting by Kelsey Smith

Oakley officially declared open season on its 30th anniversary celebration with a stylish gathering of athletes, celebrities, company executives, and media at Red Studios in Los Angeles.

Oakley CEO (or Chief Mad Scientist, in keeping with the theme of the night) Colin Baden emphasized the key role that a disruptive design philosophy has played in shaping the company and how it continues to be a key part of Oakley’s DNA. Making full use of Red Studios’ impactful multimedia venue (we may never be able to tolerate a basic Power-Point presentation again), Baden shared thoughts and examples of milestone product launches as well as some declarations about where the company is heading, focused around its “Disruptive By Design” theme.

Although no specific new products were unveiled, Oakley designers hinted at upcoming releases focused on lens technology and major breakthroughs in the area of customization.