"A sneak peak at #RedBull #ColdRush." Photo: @redbull


The point of social media is instant gratification- type in a name, find a friend, and learn more than you ever needed to know about their personal lives. Brands need to make themselves relevant, accessible and interesting to fans. The key to making a lasting impression is to create a strong presence on every social media outlet available—a seemingly daunting task.

The beauty of Instagram comes with the fact that it can be integrated into already established accounts. Tweets include Instagram photos more often than not, and any photo taken on Instagram can be funneled straight to a Facebook or Twitter account, where followers can easily view it. On top of this, Instagrammers can @tag their friends or companies in their photos, or #make comments that will link back to certain brands. The key to utilizing this connection is syncing all usernames. Create a handle that is obvious and easy to search, and use it consistently.