With Quik Women’s, how are you seeing the collection grow within your retail base?

We are seeing great increases for both the juniors line (Quiksilver) and the QSW line. There seems to be a major demand for coastal classics within the surf and boutique market. We can all see the success that Madewell is having with the junior customer and its making everyone realize that girls want this classic styling. We give them that. . .with a fresh, coastal twist. Are they expanding the number of pieces, and have you opened more doors with the line over the last year? Yes, we are expanding the style count for the collection, simply because sales are increasing so dramatically that we need to keep up. We are trying to keep the line tight and focused though. Stick to our design filter and don’t compromise: modern coastal classic. And yes, we have opened more doors for the two collections, BUT we are still focused on slow calculated growth. The store needs to fit for us to go into a partnership. We want it to work for both of us.

Where were the lookbooks photographed? What’s been your favorite photo shoot/location since you’ve been working with the brands? 

KF – The images in our spring lineguide are from our Malibu shoot. We shot with Melodie McDaniel, who we’ve been with for three seasons now. She is amazing and we are IN LOVE with her. The scenic shots that you see in the QSW lineguide are from Andrew Paynter who we’ve been with from the very beginning. He is a friend of Serena’s from the Outer Sunset area of San Francisco. We all love him so much that you see his shots around our office and our own homes. My favorite photoshoot? I’d probably have to say Malibu actually. The shoot was, as always, full of hysterical laughing and amazing talent. But more than anything, we came out with these amazing group shots that speak to the old time photos of Max Dupain and Rennie Ellis- which is exactly what we were going for.

Anything else you’d like to add?

JM – We called our SP 13 Quiksilver collection The Bathers ‘cause we have our most robust offering of swimwear to date. A collection of bikinis and one pieces that range from the iconic Little Black String Bikini (Stephanie Gilmore’s favorite) to the modern coastal classics like the indigo Sailing Helms and golden Sunburst string bikinis for those sunny days at Surfrider Beach in Malibu!