While many retailers are still reeling from a rough winter, rising temperatures mean one thing—it’s time to cut your losses and shift gears to summer product. From retro to futuristic, Dragon Alliance has you covered. Dragon has partnered with its surf team on a wide array of new frames and styles, as well as upgraded some of its classics with new colors and technologies for its tightest and techest line of shades ever. We caught up with their always-entertaining and insightful sunglasses product line manager, Hillary Balch, for a look at what this spring has in store.

What are the biggest changes we’ll see in this year’s line? 

For the summer line, we’re sprinkling in a few more colors as well as our new style, the Remix, based off of our number one selling style The Jam. We’re looking forward to a strong summer building off our momentum we’ve had this season so far. Personally, this summer I’m really looking forward to the leopard print colorway we’re releasing in the Remix and to finally getting a tan.

Dragon Alliance Sunglasses PLM with surf team riders Taylor Knox and Ace Buchan outside Jack’s in Huntington Beach, CA

What are your three favorite styles? Is that like asking you to pick your favorite kid? 

This is like asking me to pick my favorite kid. I love all of our styles so much. We spend so much time developing them, and then they finally go off into the real world and I’m sitting here hoping they make friends and play nice with all the other kids. Right now, my favorite styles are the new Viceroy, The Jam of course, and a new piece called the Regal that won’t be dropping till later this year. But I’m special so I already have one.

The new Owen Wright looks really good – any good stories on working with Owen on this? 

Owen was so great to work with, he was so excited the whole time and really wanted to be involved in the colors and graphics. He worked closely with myself and our art director Dave on getting the cartoon graphics on the inside dialed and really getting the overall vibe across that Owen was going for – an underwater, sketchy deep sea vibe with sharks and creepy little fish. We were loving the teal color so we tied it into the metal plaque on the side as well as the lens.

What makes these stand out? 

Definitely the attention to detail on the inside graphics. Also, the pop of the teal color on the black frame is a nice surprise. The fact that it’s Owen Wright’s signature model doesn’t hurt either.

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