Have you ever found yourself stuck outside in the cold, feeling like your outerwear might as well have holes in it? I know I have. The constant need to warm my fingers and wiggle my toes really takes away from the enjoyment of cold weather excursions and snowboarding trips. These days many brands are working to solve that problem and turn your icy extremities toasty warm.

Columbia Sportswear is pushing the envelope in 2012 with their Fall Outerwear collection that features several of their “Omni” technologies:

Omni-Heat: Thermal reflective silver dot lining in core zones that need to stay warmer.

Omni-Heat Electric: Push a button and get instant heat right when you need it.

Omni-Wick EVAP: For places that need to breathe.

Omni-Wind Block: Protection from the biting chill in the cold.

Each of these technologies has been strategically worked into the garments and has undergone rigorous testings to ensure their effectiveness, from space-age looking silver reflective interiors to heated boots, to gloves that heat your hands, to feather-light jackets that block the cold wind, and much more. Columbia has also developed a line of footwear that features OutDry technology, making the shoes light, breathable, and protective against the elements. While these shoes may look like your average running sneaker, they act more like a traditional hiking boot, without all of the extra bulk, allowing you to stay quick, comfortable, and protected on your journeys.

Columbia’s slogan for their 2012 Collections, “Trying Stuff Since 1938” relates strongly to snowsport enthusiasts. We have all been “trying stuff” since we started in our sports, allowing us to reach the levels we are at today, whether that be professional status, olympic gold, or merely making it down the mountain without falling down. Regardless of the skill level, Columbia’s 2012 Outerwear has been designed to keep you comfortable while you continue to “try stuff.”

TransWorld Business would like to share a sneak peek of the Columbia Fall 2012 gear with you. Take a look: