Vacation, the snowboarding flick presented by Forum, Special Blend, and Four Square, hit Denver last Thursday. The tour, whose world premiere kicked off on the sandy beaches of California, has crept through North America, landing in Denver for its seventh showing.

The crowd was welcomed to the Summit Music Hall by the beautiful Forum ladies, equipped with shades and leis to get the ‘vacation’ vibes flowing.

Satellite Boardshop premiered their local skate and snowboard flicks before Forum dimmed the lights to reveal the opening segment of Vacation to a roaring crowd.

A stacked lineup of Vacation athletes attended the premiere including Stevie Bell, Cameron Pierce, Jake Welch, and Austen Sweetin. Before the show, Forum riders were there to sign everything and anything for local shred heads. After the show, prizes were thrown into the crowd, and a few lucky attendees won Forum boards and gear. My camera died half-way through the night, but luckily, Jeffery Nass captured the action in classic style.

Needless to say, the party continued after the show, as you could spot Vacation attendees wandering the streets of Denver with snowboards, leis, and beach-balls in hand.

Quotes From The Road…

The Vacation team has been traveling throughout North America for the past few months. Priceless, Kodak moments are bound to happen. Forum’s team manager, Kevin Keller, was nice enough to give us a peek inside life on the road with his athletes, documenting their wise words. Here’s a glimpse:

“She was like a Vampire Tiger….A Vampiger.”

“His pimp hand is little, but growing.  It’s like a little retard arm.”

“I don’t cut that toenail.  It’s my power nail.”

“I fell asleep before dinner and woke up after breakfast.”

“I’ve never seen anyone dance with such force before.”

“At least this chick doesn’t have dreadlocks.”

“I need to stop and send a really important email right now. You know, the brown kind.”

“You never bring up any of the other chicks I hooked up with on tour…just the one that looked like Ziggy Marley.”

“All I want to do is eat a live animal and some fruit.”

“I didn’t tell anyone about the noose.  I was the safety man.”

“Why wasn’t I in any of those photos?  Oh wait, I was in prison.”

“I was only voted the sexiest man in Norway for ONE year!”

Vacation Hits Denver

The Forum/Special Blend/Four Square crew heads to three more cities before ending the North American tour in style at the Red Bull Space Center in New York City on October 23rd.

If you missed the premiere, stop by your local shop to pick up a copy of Vacation, or download the film on iTunes.