Slash by Gigi

“Snowboarding is a medium to express personality.” – Gigi Rüf.

Debuting his line of snowboards at one of the simplest booths of the weekend, Gigi Rüf made quite an impression nonetheless. To a newcomer, seeing a rider like Rüf in the flesh is mind-blowing enough, but to have the legend spend 45 minutes explaining the inspiration and work that went into his signature product was seriously noteworthy. On top of this, the snowboard line was impressive to say the least. Rüf described his desire to create boards that support the snowboarder on a technical level, as well as acting as a means to express personality. Using the inspiration of surfboard shapers, Gigi wanted to personalize the shape of the board to fit the rider—a product built for serious riders, by a seriously experienced rider. This line promotes a return to the roots of snowboarding—to the heart and soul of the sport. With designs literally pulled from the Amazon jungle, Slash by Gigi is a unique, innovative addition to the 2012 market.