You’ve most likely never heard of Smiley Creek, Idaho, but odds are your familiar with its surrounding terrain. Situated between Stanley and Sun Valley, Smiley Creek marks the trail head for a zone that has become better known over the last three years as Prospecting Idaho, Smith Optics‘ private playground for everything from R&D, product testing, team camp, and a fountainhead for endless video and print assets. The zone, which was first made famous in the Robot Food films back in the day, has become ground zero for ground breaking riding and every product and marketing team’s wet dream.

Following the 2012 TransWorld Snow Conference, we had the opportunity to join Smith Senior Promotions Manager Cory Smith and the rest of the crew to sample some of the goods and learn more about how leasing this 900 acre private zone, including a house off the highway and two yurts at the base of the actual valley in the company’s backyard is benefiting its operations.

People want to be a part of the project, we’ve had riders quit their other goggle sponsor so they can go up to the zone and ride, film and hang out. – Cory Smith

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