Sun Valley’s snowsports heritage runs deep. We’re talking Marianas Trench deep. Not only was it the first ski resort in North America, but it has inspired some of the most forward thinking inventors on the slopes like Ed Scott, who brought the world the first aluminum ski pole way back in 1958. Although you may not have much use for poles outside of splitboard, and MTN Approach missions, the company Scott founded, SCOTT Sports, has diversified into a wide array of categories, including moto, bicycle, eyewear, outerwear, helmets, technical apparel, accessories and more, that are most likely on your shelves, in your closet, and in your garage.

Over the past 54 years, SCOTT has grown into an international player, and is on track to hit $500 million in sales this year. While it was purchased in 2005 by a foreign investor, Beat Zaugg, the company remains firmly entrenched in Ketchum and built a new headquarters there in 2008.

We had the chance to take a tour of the facilities with U.S. Marketing Manager Adam Greene:

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