Quinones, middle, comes from sturdy stock and may just be in line to become the world’s most interesting man.

I’m liking the mantra of “Pro Sulum,” or “For Everyone.” What does that translate to in practice for the brand?

We feel like we are putting RUNTS together “For Everyone,” for all of us that have stuck together and helped each other out in the past years.  The initial meaning was based around something that we were putting together for us as employees in past endeavors to try and share ownership, a concept that ultimately never worked out.  The mantra has just kind of stuck with us and our group of friends.  We are always working “For Everyone” around us, trying to better one another and protect them at the same time.  This is a project that we are really pushing to be “For Everyone,” and something that people can relate to.

What are you going to do when you hit it big and aren’t Runts?

Haha, RUNTS isn’t just measured by financial success.  We will always be RUNTS in someway.

Have you inked deals with any retailers yet? What’s your goal as far as distribution channels, key retailers, etc?

We are launching WAAR with ten of the best retailers around the US. A few of these are American Rag, Black Bird, Redeem, and Revolve Clothing.