What happens when you bring together some of snowboarding’s most creative minds with the goal of making the world’s first snowboarding concept car? The 686/Scion “Numeric.”

On October 26, 686 debuted its ultimate collaboration to date—a project that brought together 686, Scion, Spin Imaging, and twenty other brands, to celebrate 686’s twenty-year anniversary. From Union Binding bucket seats, to a Dragon APX windshield, GoPro rear views, a Bern Helmet designed roof, and a Skullcandy audio system, the car’s attention to detail is incomparable.

TransWorld Business had the opportunity to join the 686 crew for the exclusive unveiling of the car, that was finished with mere minutes to spare before the opening, which was part of the SEMA Tuner Challenge at the Kim Sing Theater in downtown LA, where all the other cars were thoroughly upstaged by 686’s shredmobile.

Unfortunately there’s only one of these rides being made, and it’s not street legal, but you can get your first look at the car at SIA in 686’s booth.

Here’s more on the project from 686 Founder Mike West:

Everything has a purpose at 686.  We don’t do things just ‘cuz, we do it because we want to constantly innovate and keep heads thinking. When we were designing the 20th Anniversary collection, I thought it would be cool to tell a story on how each year help define the brand. There were a lot of people that have supported our vision whom I’m completely grateful, but I chose 20 influencers from 1992-2012 that made the mark. Since 686 is about moving forward and not being confined to a box, we brought all of the year’s full circle to one product. For 2012, we worked with Toyota Motor Company and developed a concept Scion car that did just this. Words cannot explain the complexity in nature of what we wanted to do. We didn’t just give it a cool paint job, add some snow tires and call it a day. We started from ground zero and took the XB model and created a winter story around snowboarding. All of our 20 influencers from 1992-2012 were included in this rally inspired car. The tires on the car are custom made with snow specific off road treads that mimic our boots and are branded as New Balance tires. The top of the car is designed to look like a Bern protective carbon fiber helmet, complete with their patented brim technology. The windshield is designed from Dragon’s APX frameless goggle and offers a full peripheral view inside the car. The Sparco modified seats are inspired from actual Union team bindings and are constructed in a high-back cup shaped form. The sound system is engineered and designed by the Skullcandy team, which used their premier Aviator headphones as inspiration. GoPro brought their POV expertise with visual racing mirrors and interior mapping. Vestal and their ZR-3 Chronograph inspired the custom built time gauges. The devil’s in the details and Freewaters clearly did this with the world’s first and only heated floor mats. BOA Technology brings their “dialed” in fit into the cars heating and cooling system. Legendary Blind skateboards artist, Marc Mckee, lent his touch to the custom art driven interior panels. To finalize the winter story for the car, we took 686’s technical textile background, and successfully wrapped the car to make it the world’s first and only fully functional waterproof and breathable vehicle.  Not to be outdone, the wrap is complete with stitched panels, laser welded seams, waterproof zippers and mesh venting.  Big ups to Spin Imaging, MV, Toyota and all of the Influencers from the past 20 years for making this dream come true.  686 proudly presents the first of its’ kind, The Scion XB Snowboarding Concept Car.