The  2012 IASC Skateboarding Summit hosted the third-annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame  induction on May 10 in Orange, California, honoring the following skate legends:

Hall of Fame Inductees


 Danny Bearer photographer unknown  Jay Adams by Glen E. Friedman
Danny was an original member of
the Hobie team and the Men’s Winner
of the National Championships in
Santa Monica, December 1964.
 As an original Z-Boy, Jay is considered
one of the most influential
skateboarders of all time. Stacy
Peralta has called Jay, “the world’s
greatest natural skater.”
Mark Gonzales by J. Grant Brittain  Peggy Oki by Glen E. Friedman
Pioneering street skating in
the late 80’s and early 90’s,
the Gonz cemented the foundation
of what we know today as
modern skateboarding.
 Honing her ability in the famous
L.A. schoolyards of the 70’s,
Peggy earned her spot as the only
female Z-Boy on the hugely
influential Zephyr Team.


Icon Award Recipients


 John Humphrey photographer unknown  Frank Nasworthy by Warren Bolster
John Humphrey became the first
licensee of a skateboard patent
after going into business with
Albert C. Boyden to produce the
Humco Surfer in 1963.
 With the introduction of the polyurethane
wheel to skateboarding through Cadillac
Wheels in 1972, Frank Nasworthy paved
the way for the second great boom
of skateboarding in the 1970’s.
Glen E. Friedman by Hugh Holland  Black Flag by Glen E. Friedman
One of the most important
photographers of his generation,
Glen E. Friedman was first published
in SkateBoarder magazine in 1976
at the age of 14.
Black Flag gave voice to an
anti-authoritarian, non-conformist
message that deeply resonated with
and inspired skateboarders in the
late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

The event was oversold and people were rushing the doors to get into the packed venue for some amazing acceptance speeches from timeless personalities.

The Hall of Fame is located in Skatelab in Simi Valley. Here’s a little info on it:

The first ever induction ceremony into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame was 10/24/2009. Bruce Logan, Tony Alva, Tony Hawk and Danny Way were the first of many legends who were inducted into the SHOF. Look for some great new displays inside The Hall paying tribute to these first Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductees. 

The Skateboard Museum is and has been 100% FREE since 1997 and is OPEN 7 days a week the same hours as the Skatelab. With 2 permanent locations and several “pop up” displays Skatelab Skateboarding Museums are educating people about The History of Skateboarding worldwide. The Museum inside SKATELAB of California is home to the SKATEBOARDING HALL OF FAME and receives over 50,000 visitors each year. Skatelab has a collection of over 5,000 vintage skateboards as well as skateboarding memorabilia. Skateboard history lives on at Skatelab and the Legends live on in The Skateboarding Hall of Fame.