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Motley Mid in Black / Tobacco – MSRP $54.95

Bender in Light Grey / Loden Green – MSRP $64.95

Trend Info:

•    What styles retailed well for your brand in 2009, and how did you use this information to build your line for 2010?

Some of the better selling styles include the Haslam’s Sabaton Mid, Encore, Appleyard’s Vagrant, the Motley Mid, Castro and The Don. While we keep in mind what styles and colors have worked well, we are careful in not looking too much in the past for developing the next collection.

•    What new  materials, constructions, or features are you most excited about for your 2010 line?

We are continuing to use combinations of materials–combos of suede, leathers, nubucks, textiles, and synthetics.  While there is a fair amount of action leathers out in  the market, we are pushing more higher end materials–it costs a bit  more, but there’s nothing like a nice full grain leather….we are also working on some new sole constructions not usually seen in the skate industry.

•    What’s the  general design direction of your 2010 line and why do you think it will be successful at retail?

Our general design direction is in taking our Pro shoes as the leading edge in our range, and everything flows from there. The team has been extremely active in developing our pro models and skate shoes and what we create together informs what we do with the non-signature models…we currently have a few exciting  new projects in the works for the likes of Mark Appleyard, Chris Haslam,  Jake Duncombe, David Gonzalez, and Rodney  Mullen….

•    Does the line feature new pro models, collabs, reissues, proprietary technologies/ materials, or other notable innovations?

In addition to the Signature Pro Models mentioned above, we have a number of cool projects we’ve been working on.  One interesting one is a collaboration we’ve done with G-Shock– in addition to a co-op watch, we are one of the few companies in the world to have worked on a shoe with them.

•    How has your brand approached mid, high, and sky-tops for next season?

We haven’t approached them any differently than in the past. They are still an integral part of our range, we’re just keeping an eye that we don’t go overboard as there’s a lot of product out there right now.

•    What percentage of your brand’s line is vulcanized, cup sole, or other sole constructions? Why?

We have about the same number of styles on cup soles as vulcanized– while we do review the soles we bring out, the actual choice comes down more to rider preference and aesthetics, than anything else.

Provided by Nicole Newfield