Featured Styles:


Byle shown in Army Canvas

MSRP: $51.99


Harper shown in Black Suede

MSRP: $59.99

Trend Info:

What styles retailed well for your brand in 2009, and how did you use this information to build your line for 2010?

The Blye and the Belmont were the best selling styles for us. Basic colors, 2009 was the first year we focused on offering more traditional colors.

What new materials, constructions, or features are you most excited about for your 2010 line?

All of our vulcanized product has been reconstructed for a thin removable insole.

What’s the general design direction of your 2010 line and why do you think it will be successful at retail?

Classic. We are just refining our current style to be as timeless as possible.

Does the line feature new pro models, collabs, reissues, proprietary technologies/ materials, or other notable innovations?

We did a collab with Toy Machine on the Belmont this year, featuring the iconic Tot Machine Monster logo. Thanks Ed.

How has your brand approached mid, high, and sky-tops for next season?

We have lowered our styles a bit. We have always had mids and hi tops int he line, but now every single brand has several out and ours were just getting lost. We do have 1/4 tops in the Harper.

What percentage of your brand’s line is vulcanized, cup sole, or other sole constructions? Why?

Spring 10 is almost all vulcanized, however Back to School 10 has more cup sole construction in it, a new out sole, last and upper for that season. Vulc has always been stronger for us, however we do believe that cup and more athletic looks will have a place again soon.

Provided by Kevin Furtado of Dekline Shoes.