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• What styles retailed well for your brand in 2009, and how did you use this information to build your line for 2010?

Our line is broken down by segments of distribution and we have top sellers in each silo. Each season we either anniversary successful models or use key design elements from them to build future models for our line.

For 2010, we looked at consumers in each segment and worked on a product line that fits their lifestyle and aesthetics.  Learning from previous seasons is key when we go to design a new collection. We look at updated trends, what was successful at retail, and how to bring a fresh point of view with a DC heritage, all with the goal of keeping our leadership positioning.

• What new materials, constructions, or features are you most excited about for your 2010 line?

The most exciting introduction is a new proprietary technology called Impact FX, which is an air bag with three different air densities in each chamber, dispersing the shock impact from big drops and landings.

Our athlete signature collection continues to expand and in 2010 we are debuting two new signature models from our core skateboarding line, the Nick Dompierre Mid and the Josh Kalis 8. Both are loaded with technical skate features making them very durable, comfortable, and remarkably lightweight.

We’ve also expanded out technical offerings through out all segments of our line and have been receiving positive feedback from buyers.

• What’s the general design direction of your 2010 line and why do you think it will be successful at retail?

We are sticking to our core competencies, doing what we are known for – introducing radical concepts and technical innovations with very strong aesthetics. We really tried to challenge the market status quo and step out of the sea of sameness we are experiencing on the retailers wall.

• Does the line feature new pro models, collabs, reissues, proprietary technologies/ materials, or other notable innovations?

One of the main focuses in our skate range was to separate two types of construction that correspond to two general type of skating.  The first silo, we call build for skating, requires hi impact protection and more support. The second silo, called feel for skating, requires a lot of board feel and control.  In both, we create instant skateability fresh out of the box while giving the most performance possible.

• How has your brand approached mid, high, and sky-tops for next season?

We have both mid and high-top models.  The Nick Dompierre new signature model is a mid-top while the Ken Block Pro Spec 2.0 driving shoe Rally high- top. Some of the most sought after models, like the Admiral Sport from the LIFE Collection are high-tops.  We are continuing with these silhouettes because there is still a segment of consumers and riders asking for them, whether it’s for protection or style.

•What percentage of your brand’s line is vulcanized, cup sole, or other sole constructions? Why?

Our Core line is 60% vulcanized and 40% cupsole, as that’s really what skateboarders are demanding.  The rest of the line is broken down 70% cupsole, 20% vulcanized, and 10% other sole constructions.

Provided by Kelsey Davis at DC Shoes