Featured Styles:


SLASH (Brian Hansen pro model)

color: Black/Rainbow

MSRP: $65.00


Forte (Jamie Thomas’ pro model)

color: Black/Zero

MSRP: $55.00

Trend Info:

What styles retailed well for your brand in 2009, and how did you use this information to build your line for 2010?

We did really well with the Forte, Ripper, Chief (both mid and low), Regal Vulc, and the Trooper.  We also had two pull forward Spring 2010 shoes that shipped in the beginning of December, The Slash and Forte Mid (both new models).  Both the Slash and Forte mid are selling really, really well.  We’ve built on the success of all these models by designing shoes that will sit next to and compliment them in future seasons.

What new materials, constructions, or features are you most excited about for your 2010 line?

We’re using some new materials, pig suede, waxed canvas, denim, wool and painted suede.  All of these materials are being used sparingly and tastefully.  Just small hits on things like the wool and denim.  The painted suede is awesome.  We have a color way (pictured above) on the Slash where each panel is a different color (rainbow) the whole shoe is sprayed black and as the shoe wears, it reveals the rainbow of colors underneath (a Slash creation).

What’s the general design direction of your 2010 line and why do you think it will be successful at retail?

We’re making shoes to be ridden on skateboards.  I think our customers do that in our shoes and will appreciate the effort.

Does the line feature new pro models, collabs, reissues, proprietary technologies/ materials, or other notable innovations?

We have a colab with Zero on Jamie’s shoe The Forte (pictured above, releases in Fall 2010).  We also have done a colab with Slash and Deathwish, it has a world wide release in Spring 2010.
How has your brand approached mid, high, and sky-tops for next season?

We have two mid tops now.  Cole has a high top called the Hi – Volt.  We are developing one additional High top that will have a limited release at the end of 2010.  Overall this category represents a small portion of the line.

What percentage of your brand’s line is vulcanized, cup sole, or other sole constructions? Why?

I’d say the line is 80% vulcanized and 20% cup.  Our customers have dictated this.  Obviously it’s easier to make/produce cup soled shoes, everyone rides and wants vulc though. We do have multiple versions of the cup sole available, standard vulcanized bottoms with variations on taping is what we do best with though.