Zoo York

Featured Styles:

BKSL (Black w/silver trim)
MSRP: $59.95

GYBK (Gray Leather w/Black & Purple trim)
MSRP: $54.95

Trend Info:

What styles retailed well for your brand in 2009, and how did you use this information to build your line for 2010?
Styles that hooked up well with current trends like the Huber (Black w/Charcoal Trim) did well for us in 2009.  Also our success with plaids played into incorporating it with new constructions moving forward.

What new materials, constructions, or features are you most excited about for your 2010 line?
Although they aren’t exactly new to us…we’ve been having a lot of creative fun with nubuc’s as well as the seemingly always popular canvas.

What’s the general design direction of your 2010 line and why do you think it will be successful at retail?
General design direction is to always pay attention to the trends, old & new…while artistically integrating ZOO’s unique heritage and using NYC’s always present influence. This mindset has kept ZOO on the radar since ‘93 and we feel this will continue to be our key to success at retail.

How has your brand approached mid, high, and sky-tops for next season?
For most of our consumers, mids seem to get the best reception for us. Although we create Highs and Sky-Tops, mids will continue to be a strong focus for us moving into 2010.

What percentage of your brand’s line is vulcanized, cup sole, or other sole constructions? Why?
Vulcanized – 60%. Cup – 40%. Based on the demands of our core customer.

Provided by Seamus Deegan