SIA Snow Show

When: Back to Calendar » December 31, 69 (all-day)
Where: Colorado Convention Center
Contact: Patricia Grenke
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For more than five decades, the SIA Show has been bringing the entire market together in one place, making it the most important trade event for the snow sports industry. Showcasing the latest trends, innovations, product lines and styles, the SIA Show is the first time, where nearly 1,000 brands are presented in an authentic environment on and off the snow; all powered by the passion and culture of snow sports.

Representing over a $3 billion industry, the industry’s retail buying power attends the SIA Show to see the product collections for the 13.14 year. Since its inception, the SIA Show has been the largest snow sports trade show globally. Make your brand, shop, business, and passion a part of this one of a kind trade experience.

In conjunction with the SIA Snow Show, SIA will also be launching a new sourcing snow trade show that will be showcasing companies that manufacture materials and components that are essential to hundreds of snow sports brands. The sourcing show is to be held in the Colorado Convention Center’s Mile High Ballroom from January 30 – February 1, 2013.