2012/13 Mitten & Glove Preview

January trade shows are right around the corner and we’re dropping product previews for softgoods to use as a cheat sheet on what booths to visit. This week we’re taking a look at the top glove and mitten brands in the industry. Below you’ll find the 2012/13 Mitten & Glove Product Previews for some of the sport’s biggest brands. Be sure to check out our November 2011 issue of TransWorld Business for the state of softgoods and outerwear.

Note: All listed prices are MSRP’s.

2012/13 Mitten & Glove Product Preview

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Volcom, www.volcom.com; balband@volcom.com; Brad Alband - Sales Mnger PRODUCT: GIGI RüF MITTEN, $140.00; Cluster Gore-Tex® Mitten K6851202, $80.00