2012/13 Beanies & Bandanas Product Preview

SIA 2012 is right around the corner and we’re dropping product previews for softgoods to help give you a cheat sheet on what booths to visit.

Below you’ll find the 2012/13 Beanies/Bandana Product Previews for 26 brands. Be sure to check out our November 2011 issue of TransWorld Business for the state of softgoods and outerwear.

Note: All listed prices are MSRP’s.


2012/13 Beanies & Bandanas Product Preview

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Vivo Headwear Inc., www.vivoheadwear.com; 778-317-5984; Anthony Leffelaar - CEO PRODUCT: The Pinch- 100% Merino Wool, $36.99 (UNISEX) Markku Koski $24.99 (UNISEX)