DC’s Burning Ink Art Show Heading To Berlin

From June 17th through to July 7th 2011, DC will bring the Burning Ink Art Show to Berlin, at the well-known downtown venue MadeMyDay Collab Room, Torstrasse 66, near AlexanderPlatz. Just last month, the Burning Ink Art Show launched in New York City at Frank’s Chop Shop on the Lower East Side. In NYC, 12 drawings were either going to be tattooed or burned at the end of the show. We can sure expect the same happening in Berlin, where buyers are faced with the choice of watching the art pieces set of fire, or save the art by having it inked onto their skin. Here are the details from Lodown Magazine.

DC's Burning Ink (Lodownmagazine.com)

DC's Burning Ink (Lodownmagazine.com)

June 1, 2011 – Following the success of the recent pop up gallery at Fifty Fifty /Bristol, one of the most respected store in the UK, DC presents and celebrates the Euro Skate collective, from June 17th to July 7th 2011. Products (footwear and apparel), co created by Team riders : Jody Smith, Ruben Garcia, Manuel Margreiter, and Antony Lopez, are inspired by the team riders origins and individual personalities. During the same periode A DC Team photography Exhibition Ç Asphalt Tales È by Gaston Francisco will be open to visitors, and a special celebration will aso take place July 7th. Hugely talented, Gaston has been traveling nonstop around the globe, honing his craft behind the lens and capturing some of the freshest shots in skateboarding. Gaston went to some amazing spots is very different places such as Belarus, Shanghai and Argentina combine that with and working with great talents such as Tom Penny, Chris Haslam and Geoff Rowley it’s no surprise that his much acclaimed photographs are often featured in some of the most respected publications worldwide. Gaston has spent much of the past year traveling with the DC team to the USA, Holland, Belgium, Hungary and Norway which has resulted in him capturing captivating and intimate portrait and action shots of the riders. In Berlin, Gaston will present all photos shown in Bristol plus a brand new exclusive selection.

The Third part of the Berlin Pop Up Store gallery will be dedicated to DC’s Marketing Life and product initiatives with a special highlight of the DC LIFE STUDIO program , curated by Marcus Troy. DC is proud to introduce the DC LIFE Studio. For musicians, artists, bloggers, producers, and photographers, the Studio is a unique extension of their personalities, and the creativity behind their work results from the time they spend there. Whilst each studio is unique, they all inspire. The DC LIFE Studio reflects the belief that our world has become a studio space, more and more people are using the Internet and digital media to imagine and create on the go. To celebrate this creativity DC has teamed up with seven influential bloggers to create the first ever DC “My Studio Session,” to accompany the release of the new DC LIFE silhouette the Studio. The DC LIFE Studio has been released in seven different color-ways, one for each blogger that is linked to the project, and will be accompanied by a documentary style video of the blogger’s experience with the pre-selected STUDIO color way. My STUDIO Session project also includes a photo essay, a visual interpretation as each blogger shows what The DC LIFE Studio means to them. It’s a summer day in the life of the blogger in his city. Another influencial Euro Blogger, Maurice Ajanaku, has been added to this program. Maurice will support the DC Life Studio shoe, chocolate color way.